Aruna Roy- Women Who Brought In Rti Act

Aruna Roy- Women who brought in RTI Act
Aruna grew up in Chennai and post schooling joined the IAS. In 1974, however she quit IAS and joined the social work and research center in Rajasthan. She loved working at the grassroots level and in 1983 founded the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan to support local farmers and peasants.   Post this she moved her attention to making the Indian [...]

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Kiran Bedi- First Women Officer To Join Ips,1972

Kiran Bedi- First Women Officer to join IPS,1972
Famous for her no-nonsense approach, be it in the days of being an Inspector General of Prisons or today, as a political activist Kiran Bedi has come a long way. Born in 1949 in Amritsar, Kiran Bedi is a Political Science major and has also studied Law.   She has had an exceptional track record as a Police Officer and was awarded the Ramon M [...]

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Nirupama Rao- Indian Ambassador To Usa

Nirupama Rao- Indian Ambassador to USA
Nirupama Rao’s diplomatic career spans several decades and she has worked in important roles in many countries across the world including China, Russia and Sri Lanka among several others.   Known for her articulate and insightful talks Nirupama Rao acts as a strong connecting link between India and US. She has worked towards building b [...]

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Vinita Jain – Founder Of Biotique

Vinita Jain – founder of Biotique
Biotique is one of the famous cosmetic brands in India, its success mainly due to the perseverance and hard work of Vinita Jain, its founder and owner. Biotique products are organic in nature and are a result of combination of science and nature.   Vinita Jain is a graduate in Bio-technology and with her keen business sense was able to launc [...]

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Shabana Azmi- Actress And Social Activist

Shabana Azmi- Actress and Social Activist
Shabana Azmi has always been associated with the Art Cinema and her versatility as an actor. She has done several off-beat roles that many actresses wouldn’t touch. Her poise and polished acting skills have won her praise for realistically portraying the homosexual character in ‘Fire’.   In recent times Shabana Azmi has bee [...]

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