Summer Fashion Trends of 2013

Summers have finally arrived and fashion is getting more cheerful and creative, especially when it comes to beach style. Go with bright colours or a dress that will make you stand out in a crowd. Choose a dress that fits your style.

 Dresses are very light and it is extremely easy to slip on a summer dress. Throwing a dress over a swimsuit is both convenient and stylish. If you don’t know what the hottest trends are for 2013 then you’re in the right place. Maybe you’ve noticed that the floral print dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and even sunglasses are everywhere.

There are many ways to maximize your "Summer Style”. Re-do your wardrobe to fit in the summer styles of 2013.  If you want to give leather trend a go, make sure you try the material in a mini skirt or a tank top. Opt for a pair of short skirts to let your legs breathe while the temps rise.

To celebrate the start of summer, we've compiled a list of the trends of the season, everything from midi skirts to accessories, plus shoppable versions. It's never been so easy to be in fashion!

Peplums are fun. And they are most certainly not a look that only string beans can wear. Priyanka Chopra looks brilliant in a peplum, and so does Deepika Padukone. The whole point of a peplum is that it celebrates a waist-to-hip curve, so it looks a bit odd when worn without one.

Sleeker and more sculptural is more up our street. Wear your peplum with trousers. This is more flattering on short legs, and – even more importantly – immediately modernises a look which, for all its hourglass glory, can look a bit retro. Peplums are the new normal. And that's brave.

  • Ruffles on the sleeves of blouses
  • Line leather mini skirt
  • High waisted leather shorts
  • Mismatched prints – make sure patterns are of different sizes so that it doesn’t clash.
  • Mix- print halter dresses


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