Ovulation and Fertility Apps for your Smartphones

When you are trying to beat infertility, you need all the help you can get. There are innumerable apps which we can easily download on our smart phones which can calculate your schedule and ovulation dates. These apps are singularly designed to predict the fertile days based on your basal body temperature and fertility chart.

I personally vouch for these apps which in your otherwise chocked life remind you to take your medicines and injections on schedule.


Fertility Friend (Free application)

Fertility Friend helps you track your menstrual cycle and is completely integrated with the FertilityFriend.com wapsite convenient to use on your smartphone. For an additional cost this app offers added features


What to expect (free app)?

What to Expect Fertility Tracker app is very user-friendly and gives you access to the What to Expect message boards. These messages offer much-needed support from others and current articles about fertility, too.


Period Plus

Period Plus app is my favourite. Period plus tracks breast tenderness level, cycle day, cramp intensity, intimacy, period flow and your notes. Period Plus also includes reporting and charting so you can see your data in different ways!

It can even predict your periods, fertile days and ovulation dates for the next 12 months.Period Plus is exactly what you need to be in the know of how long your cycles last, when your next one should start, plus more! And Period Plus is password protected, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing your data.



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