How to have a successful party?

Planning a party? It can be a challenge especially when you are the only one trying to manage everything. These simple party planning tips will help you enjoy your party along with your guests.

Plan in advance: The first rule of organizing a party is to plan in advance. Plan that perfect party at least two weeks in advance so that you have enough time to cover every aspect of the party.

Enlist help: Trying to get everything done by your self can be stressful. Delegate duties to your cook or outsource some tasks.
Menu: Decide the menu quite early. Make a list of the food and drinks that you will need to purchase from the grocery store. Determine what type of serving dishes you are going to need and be sure you have everything.  If there's something that’s missing, try to borrow from friends.

Games: Plan more games than you anticipate on playing. Things don't always go according to plans in a party. So with a few extra games in your pocket, you'll be ready.

Spread the word: As soon as you have the core parts of the party down (food, location, music, time, date) then start to invite your friends. But keep this in mind, balance is everything. You don't want to be able to have to shout to talk to people, but you don't want an empty house either. The number of people you invite depends on how big the party venue is.

Make room for sitting: Guys, no matter how smooth you may be, you always end up bumping into stuff, may it be paintings, vases, girls. So keep everything your parents or you don't want broken, in a safe, no admittance zone. Also, keep some tables at the far end of the room where people can put their plates and glasses down.

Set the mood: This is one of the party planning tips that some people tend to overlook. Greeting guests at the door with a smile will help them feel comfortable right away. Light music also adds a zing to the party.

This is as important as the party itself. Background music must be loud enough to hear but not too loud that would make people shout when they need to talk.


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