Natural Beauty Tips

Valuable Homemade Beauty Tips

  • For the face, use ground apricot mixed with fresh cream twice a week for excellent exfoliating effects.
  • In order to get rid of pimples and blackheads naturally, mix glycerin, little lime juice and rose water and apply on face before going to bed. It cleans the face of impurities and helps you to combat blemishes.
  • For soft lips and lightening lip pigmentation, apply a mix of almond and castor oils every night before going to sleep.
  • If you have dark circles or puffiness under eyes, then put a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil in the area and massage very gently with the ring finger until the oil gets absorbed.
  • For natural conditioning, mix honey with cream and apply on the wet ends of the hair (not to the roots). Leave on for 5 minutes and wash off for a very smooth feel.
  • For keeping your hand and feet soft and keeping age spots away, make a scrub at home. This can be prepared with coarse sea salt, almond oil, lavender essential oil and water – mixing all the ingredients well. Massage well on your feet and hands. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash off with water.
  • For adding extra shine to dry and dull hair, mix a little amount of vinegar in the water after conditioning and wash your hair with it. Dry your hair with towel.
  • Drinking plenty of water, having fruit and cereal enriched diets and exercising for 30 minutes twice a week will enable you to get the over all glow.
  • Regular usage of the beauty products made at home and remembering the useful homemade beauty tips will help you to keep the youthful look even in the later stages of life. So go through the links of beautytipshub to know about all these tips in details!
  • Make a mixture of juice of dry potato, glycerine, vinegar, rose water and apply on your face and let it dry . Then wash it . this facial mask is very good as it prevents ageing of skin and you will notice a glow.
  • Apply honey mixed with lemon on face...keep it for 10 min...and then wash ur face..It will make ur skin smooth & glowing.!!!!


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