Calorie Meter in Festival Time

If you have been following a healthy diet regime, our advice is not to chuck all your hard work in festival season. All the greasy high caloric food can put you back on your weight loss schedule by weeks or months. I know it’s hard to resist the delicious and tempting snacks and goodies that are on offer in the market and cooked by your mom at  home. But we suggest a way out of this. By building a diet regime with healthy alternatives you can cut on your festival calories and stick to your diet plan. We are not trying to take the fun out of your festival season, rather want you to stay away from the festival hangover.


Opt for low fat food

Avoiding greasy fried food and high caloric sweets during festivals are quite difficult, however you should not forget that it will take away all the hard work you did to get in shape. So go for moderation in your diet to avoid weight gain.  Go for low fat ingredients like double toned milk, low sugar products to prepare sweets and snacks to keep your diet in check.

Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated all the times. Walking, dancing requires a lot of energy and if you are not drinking enough water you can end up dehydrated. Water in itself also helps in detoxing. So make an effort to consume at least 2litres of water every day. This will also keep your stomach full and help in minimizing your caloric intake.  

Use less oil for cooking

Though we have mentioned earlier to avoid greasy fried food, we would suggest you go for virgin olive oil for cooking. Use limited oil for your food preparation.

Keep note of your calorie intake

Keeping the track of how much calorie intake you have had every day is critical to maintain your weight. When you track the amount of calories you are consuming, it becomes easier to adjust diet regime accordingly. Take small meals to prevent gorging too much during the gathering. Or, you can plan a workout session afterward.

Avoid aerated drinks

Say no to aerated drinks during festivals. Look for alternate options like water, fruit juices without sugar, lemonade. Aerated drinks are nothing but sugar syrup causing damage to your body.

 Stop snacking on Sweets

It is quite natural to give up your diet plan during festival season. Not many can resist the indian mithai’s on display but we suggest you look for an alternate for sweet. Instead of gorging on barfi we suggest you go for an apple, or pear. Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants and not only help you in keeping your calorie intake in check but build your immunity against lifestyle diseases. 


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