Beat long hours at work

We all know that the number of working women in India has increased three fold. Owning to the competitive times, long working hours at work are a daily norm. Often employees who leave on time are judged as slackers. It’s an unfortunate situation especially for women in India. Women in India are the soul of their family, and they shoulder the responsibility of cooking for family and taking care of kids.

Though every company’s Human Resource department promotes the work-home balance, it does get difficult when your yearly appraisals, bonuses are based on the number of hours you have put in.

… It is tough for working women in India to stay back beyond work hours regularly as they also shoulder the responsibility of running the household…

What should a woman do if she has deadlines to meet and has to work for more than 12 hours a day?? Let us look at few strategies that a woman can follow -

Networking- This is one of must have skills to have at the workplace. Many HR policy makers reiterate that networking is extremely important for career growth and job opportunities. Your contacts can help you explore new avenues within your own company. Proper networking will help you ask for help. Everyone you know at the workplace is a potential contact. Be nice to people and keep in touch with others in various departments at the job.

There might be times when help from an expert in another field might help you gain an edge in a project. You never know who might share an important piece of information that you might find useful. Tap your network on a regular basis to be in the know of things.

Another smart way of surviving this competitive world is to get in the good books of your boss. Get noticed by your reactiveness. Make yourself an important member of the team, take initiatives strategically and be an overall good performer. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Just make sure you raise relevant questions and not just for the heck of it. If you conduct yourself with dignity and represent your company in a positive way you will make some golden points with your boss. Right impression is very important for women who would need flexibility when the child has sports classes or piano recitals.  

Another important thing which every working woman should know and learn is time-management. This can be achieved by strategically prioritizing your work and getting organized.  

Some of these tips will help you stand in good stead even if long hours at work might have become a staple in your industry. What do you do when you are expected to work late regularly? Share your comments with us.



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