Foot Care Tips

For Badly Calloused & Cracked Heels

I live on my feet ten hours a day. At some point, my heels got so badly cracked, they would catch on the carpet, and no mere moisturizing helped. If you've tried EVERYTHING to mend calloused, painfully cracked heels and nothing worked, look for CALLEX OINTMENT.

You can purchase it on the internet - I have not seen it in any stores, and yes, it is a bit pricey at $25.00 for 1.75 oz! But it contains endoprotease enzyme, something that actually "eats" the calloused surface. Soak your feet at night, scrub them with a pumice, then apply the ointment, put on light cotton socks and go to sleep. Shower in the morning and moisturize lightly your feet. Do this every day until you see results --in about a week--and YOU WILL see results. When the major damage has healed, continue moisturizing your feet on regular basis and the probelm should not re-occur. I have, howver, been cautioned by a dermatologist friend not to remove the 'hard heel padding" entirely, as some is necessary in order to protect and cushion the heel, so use your judgement.

Soft and Beautiful Feet

Wouldn't people love soft and beautiful feet? Here is the way.

Rub baby lotions all around your feet, then massage them by stretching from side to side and massaging in side you toes. Do whatever you can for massaging, for best result, massage each foot at least 3 minutes.

Soothing Foot Lotion


    1 tablespoon almond oil
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 teaspoon wheat germ oil
    12 drops eucalyptus essential/fragrance oil 


Combine ingredients in a dark colored bottle, shake extremely well. To use just rub into the feet and heels. Store in a cool dry place.

Lemon Softness

Things You'll Need:

    paper towel(s)
    lemon juice 

Mix together (in a bowl) half water, half lemon juice. Then gently dip paper towel into the mixture and apply to feet. Softens, removes odors, and smoothes. 


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