Cost Effective ways to furnish your house

Redecorating your home is a task in itself. But if you have a budget plan to do the redecoration then it becomes a challenge. Here are few tips outlined to furnish your house without burning a hole in your pocket.

While undertaking a complete makeover of your home, set the priorities first. As decoration of a home is a lifetime project, we suggest you do proper research on the color themes, patterns on the wall. Similar color themes in the house will make it look monotonous and drab. It can also go beyond the budget. We recommend you go for colors or designs already existing in each of your rooms and contrast them with the furniture and décor.

Start with clearing out the clutter in your house and make room for new things. For a facelift you can go for proper lighting. Floor stands with a shaded lighting are in nowadays. Appealing décor can give a different feel to your living room. You can either go for do-it-yourself crafts to make your own paintings, wall décor etc. Or you can shop on budget at the various online stores for paintings and décor items.

There are ways where you can recycle old baskets, glass bottles etc. These can be used as hanging pots for your balcony-roof garden. Use your creativity to minimize your budget cost. Don’t throw that vintage table clock just yet. Old antique products are in vogue currently. It can add value to your mantle.  


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