Build Confidence in Yourself

Identify your weaknesses and eliminate them. If you are an introvert and shy of talking in small or large gatherings, you need to break out of your comfort zone. This means, you need to socialize more and take the initiative to start a conversation when you are at a party. This will help in building confidence.

Secondly your posture matters a lot. Slouching shoulders, dragging your body when you sit, walk or interact or hiding behind your mommy is a big no-no. Do not try to be invisible. When you go to a small dinner party get up the courage to talk to strangers. Say hello or mention the weather. But don’t just sit back with a blank smile. Stand up straight, with head held high and shoulders straight and you will feel the change coming into you.

Be positive in your thoughts and approach. Smile. Look yourself in the mirror and believe in You. Studies suggest that keeping a positive outlook gives confidence in self, helps in success.

Indulge in mental as well as physical exercise, looking physically fit and curvy helps in building your confidence. Develop some hobbies that make you stand out among the rest. Read book that enhance your brain, keeping you sharp and self-assured.

Another point you can imbibe in building your confidence is by helping people around you. Being selfless and compassionate will bring put a side of your personality that will make others like you more and in turn make you feel more confident about yourself.



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