Make your own quite corner- a small library for Bookworms

Are you a book worm? Love collecting books? Cannot resist any of the book sales at Pragati Maidan? Well join the club! Its time you organize your bookshelf or maybe make your own library. Only an avid reader would treasure his books. For proud owners of first editions or hard covers you would need a better book shelf. There are many ways to do this.

Slot your books according to the authors, titles or alphabetically as per the genres.

You can categorize it as fiction or non- fiction. Heavy books with hard cover should be arranged in the lover shelves. You can arrange them vertically or horizontally depending on the width and length of the books. The binding side should face you so that the book cover is visible for easy accessibility. A quiet corner in your sitting room or study can be kept for yourself. Make your lounge chair comfortable with soft cushions. This can be your quite corner away from the humdrum of the daily noise. 

Another question asked frequently is which room should be converted into a library. My recommendation is to go for room which is airy, has big windows with proper lighting. This will help in proper ventilation along with the natural light. 



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