Renovate your Home on a Budget

Have you ever thought of changing the look and feel of your home and surroundings just with the help of color? Fact is that if done tastefully; just bringing a change in the color scheme of the paint on your walls or the curtains and furniture can bring a sea change to the ambience and appearance of the living space. You can choose to do just the accessories or the wall color. Most companies’ offer their color combinations and catalogues online nowadays and you can easily pick and chose the colors.

Start Small
It is best to begin with a small space if you are just starting off; or are not so sure of how the new color scheme will work out. You can always experiment with the smallest and lesser used room or perhaps the bathroom. Ocean blues are usually a favorite for the bathrooms and go very well in both geometric and flowery patterns.
As for a room you could always add spark to any room with the use of some deep hues. It is best to choose the central wall of the room for it. As it tends to deliver maximum impact and offsets the mood of the entire room.

Take the second step
Once your concepts of color combinations and impacts are clear do take the next step and select both the neutral and the deep hues to color your walls with. You can always go for decorative wall paper and special effects in the application of paint and design to get that extra finesse.
Get Bolder
Let your personality reflect from the very entrance. Go for that rustic red or deep purple, matt gold or shiny silver in the foyer. If you have weathered woods and woven rattans then avoid brown tones on the walls. But, if you have a bright splash of color in the furniture and accessories then it is best to liven up the atmosphere with some bright shades.

Make your Kitchen come alive
Teal is one color that brings a kitchen to life. You can cover up everything – walls, cabinets and drawers in the color of your choice and turn your homey looking kitchen into a place you want to be in. 

Work on the windows
Try putting the window frames in deep green or dark turquoise to offset an otherwise dull and tame look. The frame would draw the attention from the walls and will let you create a difference without having to change the color scheme on the walls. 

Highlight the tiny places
Believe it or not it is the dark shades and not the neutrals or light ones that can help highlight cramped corners. For small spaces try a bold black and see how it lends a solid presence to a petite area.

Play with accessories
You can always experiment with accessories to add drama and oomph on your walls. The patterns today tend to come in clean uncluttered lines and set off the wall with pops of the same hue. For example you could use slightly varied hues of a rich blue, Red or Ocean green.


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