Taking care of your Wedding Lahenga

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, which is why her main concern for the day is her lehenga. It just has to be the best. But the thing that can become an issue is taking care of this rather expensive outfit after the ceremony is over. You cannot just wrap it up and store it away. Doing so will certainly spoil the delicate fabric and the embroidery. We tell you how to care for your most loved outfit after your big day.

Dry cleaning
The first and the foremost step right after your wedding is to give your exclusive attire to the dry cleaners. Do not delay or postpone doing this. The more you delay, higher are the chances of stains or spots becoming permanent on the outfit, especially the sweat marks? Dry cleaning also seals the colour of the fabric, preventing it from discoloration in the future

Incase you are planning to wear your lahenga on any future occasion; you might have to iron it to remove creases. While ironing at home you need to be careful as high steaming can ruin you fabric and sequins. It’s advisable to iron using a patch of cloth and not directly iron the fabric. You can also ask your local drycleaner to help you with steam iron it.

Taking care of sequins
Before you decide to wear your lehenga again, check for any damage done to the outfit. There are chances that during the wedding ceremony a few stones or beads might have fallen out from the outfit or some other embroidery might have been damaged. So it is best to send your dress to the store to give it the finishing touches, and complete the dress before dry cleaning.

Folding the bridal outfit correctly is very important. Wrong folds can damage the work of the lehenga. Before folding, it is advisable to place sheets of tissue papers or soft fabrics between the folds so that the sequins, zari or any other embroidery does not rub against each other or get tangled. Also, keep changing the folds from time to time to prevent the fabric from tearing at the creases.

Improper storage can spoil your outfit completely. Always wrap the outfit in an unbleached cotton cloth or muslin and store it in a place that is cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. If possible store the dress in a box made from acid-free materials. If you are storing it in a cupboard make sure it is moth free.


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