Amazing Make - at home Salads

Use Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients for your Salad

In-Season Ingredients—Every Time
I am sure you have read this one before, but it’s the single most important step you can take to make your salads taste better. "The most exciting thing to do is to go to the local market go for the fresh greens for your Salad.

Dry your lettuce post washing

I hope you know that you have to wash even pre-washed lettuce. But you might not know that you should also get that lettuce super dry before you start making your salad. The dressing will stick to it much better if you dry your lettuce.

Go for colors

If you hate lettuce, you don't have to make your salads with it. shredded carrots instead. Similarly, you don't have to stick with toppings like tomatoes and cucumbers. Don’t limit yourself in salads. You can add nuts, seeds or roasted veggies to your salad.

Pack in more flavor

You can try mixing fresh herbs into the lettuce bse for the salad or drizzle a squeeze of lemon or lime top. For little spice add cracked pepper.

Balance the Texture

Balance the soft and creamy with something crunchy like nuts or croutons in your salad. The contrast will give the meal a right balance.

Proteins for your salad

Shredded rotisserie chicken or baked chicken will be the proteins for your salad. For Vegetarians you can add tofu or Indian cottage cheese. Boiled red beans for proteins too.

Shred/shave cheese right before you eat

Add the shredded or shaved cheese right before you eat the salad. If you let is stay, it will get dry and lose a lot of its flavor. Many of my friends peel thin slices of cheese right onto the salad right before they delve in.

Make salad dressings creamy

When you are using a store bought dressing sometimes it can be thin which means it will not stay on your greens. For home made dressing you can go for a fat free yogurt, mix few herbs, fresh cracked pepper and you are ready to go.

Salad Dressings of right quantity

Don’t under dress or overdress your salad. Go for a medium use of dressing for your meal. Too much and it gets too rich for you.



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