Find out if he is your Soul Mate

You have been dating him for months now, and recently you have got a strong feeling that he might be the one, but how can you make the final decision. How can you be sure? There is always this fear that I may be wrong in catching the signs or maybe it’s unreal and dreamy. I have had my friend’s talk of such feelings and few weeks later they are heartbroken.

We all question the difference between infatuation and love. No worries! We are here to help you understand the clear signs you need to look out for. Read on..

Listen to your Intuition

What we mean by this is that is he comprehending your thoughts and feelings? We are not expecting him to complete your sentence, that’s just mush talk. The attraction and love leads to an unspoken understanding where he will be able to understand your actions and motives even before you do them. When we have a certain connect with a person we love, we are able to intuitively know his moods. We are able to judge his highs and lows and support him accordingly.

 Does his company relax you?

In this time and age when our lives are governed by anxiety, pressures and deadlines we all need some time off to relax and de-stress. We are not talking to taking a spa here! Do you feel relaxed and completely at ease in the current relationship? If you’ve had a bad day at work, are you comfortable enough to share your angst with him? Does his word act as a soothing balm and encouragement to you? If yes then you are in a compatible relationship where you can be yourself and chill on your terms. We are glad that you have found your soul mate if few minutes with him can make your worries melt away.

Can you share your darkest secrets with him?

You have few personal secrets that even your parents or close friends may not know. But now that you are in a relationship and want to take it forward, you want to unburden yourself and start on a clean slate. Are you able to share your darkest secrets with him? More importantly, is he ok with this? Many of us may share our secrets as a sign of trust and love but the reactions expected can vary. If your lover shows love and understanding and assures his love inspite of this then hold onto him and never let him go. Such men are rare.

What role he plays in your life?

If your lover is just that then I believe this relationship won’t go far. If he talks to you as a friend, supports you in your problems, encourages you in your lows, pampers you when you are stressed then he is playing a lot of roles as a friend, lover, protector them he is for keeps. I am not just saying this girl! You hold on to this man, as you have certainly found your soul mate.

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