Summer Skincare Hacks

Summer Skincare Hacks

Summer has started to knock the doors in almost every part of India and it comes along with a lot of skincare issues. The people from the dry skin family are tired of their patchy and rough skin and oily skin people tends to get more oilier in Summer’s. Breakouts, pimples, rashes, roughness and acne are a major problem. Heat and Humidity are the part and parcel of the Indian summers and it is important to focus on sun and heat protection.
Simple changes in your skincare routine can help you get a radiant skin this summer.  We have some tips for keeping skin healthy during this summer.

  1. Double Cleansing

Double cleanse help you keep the pores clean. You can first cleanse your face with an oil based cleanser, it will help getting the gunk out of the pores and then with a gentle gel or foam cleanser, it removes the remaining oil.

  1. Use a good Sunscreen

In summer UVA/UVB rays are harmful as the sun is on peak.  Wearing sunscreen during the summers is a must and you should reapply it after every two hours. Use a sunscreen with a much higher UV index during the summer. A SPF 30 sunscreen spectrum is a must.

  1. Switch to Gel Moisturizer

Say Bye Bye to the heavy moisturizer during the summer. Switch to lightweight gel moisturizers. The gel based moisturizers hydrate your skin.

  1. Stock up your face mist

Quick sprits of face mist can make you feel cool and refreshed. It provides an extra layer of hydration and rejuvenates the skin.

  1. Lemons for oily skin.

The people from the oily skin family then lemon will help you a lot. Use lemons to wash your face and it will help reduce oiliness. Apply lemon juice onto your face for 10 minutes. Also don’t forget to dilute it with water.


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