International Day of The Girl Child 2019

Every year government comes up with various schemes and programs on this day to empower girl child In many countries in the world including India, girls face a lot of issues. From female infanticide to gender inequality to sexual abuse, there is no dearth of issues. To curb these menaces, there is a need for awareness on the importance of girl child. International Day of the Girl Child, which is also known as the National Girl Child Day, was launched by the United Nations on October 11, 2012. Every year January 24 is observed to bring focus on gender inequality and creating more opportunities for girls.

It aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by girls across the world including domestic violence, discrimination and child marriage. Inequality also includes violence against girls and the right to education. Across the world, over 62 million girls have no access to education. Girls are also vulnerable to sexual violence. The International Day of the Girl Child is observed to address all these issues and promote fulfilment of girl's rights and girl's empowerment.

Every year the International Day of the Girl Child has a theme. The first theme was ending child marriage. In 2013, the theme was innovating for gir's education and in 2014, the theme was Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence. The theme for 2015 was The Power of Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030 and for 2016, it was Girls Progress = Goals Progress: What Counts for Girls. This year, the theme is Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow.



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