Benefits of papaya

Papaya for skin care

  • We all know that papaya is a wonderful thing for health but very few of us are aware about the fact that this is equally good for your skin.
  • Papaya effectively works if your skin is damaged or you want to boost up its condition with further nourishment.
  • Papaya is no doubt an excellent natural ingredient that makes your skin more bright and healthy.
  • Papaya is a natural thing that helps in exfoliating and removing dead cells from the upper layer of skin. It makes our skin youthful, spotless, blemish free, radiant and age-proof.
  • Grate one green papaya and grind into fine paste in blender. Apply that on your face as face musk. If you suffer from acne and pimples you will get benefited from this treatment.
  • Regular use of fleshy green papaya keeps wrinkle at bay and thus saves us from premature aging. In health and food store one type of papaya powder is available. This powder is effective in removing any type of age spots.
  • Papaya is also rich in different nutrients and vitamins which help to rejuvenate the skin and make the skin soft and supple. Papaya also works as natural moisturizer of skin. It is rich in vitamin A, E and C and other antioxidants. These things give your skin ample moisturizer and protection.

Papaya is an excellent thing to remove sunburn and to whiten your skin.

  • Eating papaya may also help to make your skin white. Papain, the enzyme that is present in papaya, help to make your skin light. For this reason papaya is being used in number of skin whitening products of leading brands.
  • Papaya also effectively cures dandruff and other skin infections from your hair.
  • Grate one green papaya. Strain the juice and keep it in refrigerator for storing purpose. Mix it with your hair oil in 1:1 ratio. Massage this on your scalp well. Keep it for half an hour and then shampoo your hair. Regular use of papaya juice will make your scalp dandruff free and keep other skin infections at bay.

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