Organize your Make-Up Kit

Do you take hours searching for make up in your bag? Are you disorganised? Love clutter? If you want to stop wasting time digging in your eyebrow brush or tweezers then we are help to help you organise your make up kit. 

Search for a box that is deep and that has lots of slots in it. Each compartment can hold something important. Keep your daily use make up in areas with easy access. The concealers, foundation, lipsticks for daily wear should be in compartments suitable to its size. 

Organize your make up kit in order of daily wear products, skin care products and seasonal products. If you have something broken, beyond expiry date, melted or flaky then please discard it rightaway. Your make up tools, brushes can attract bacteria if not cleaned after use. Buy brush bag to hold your brushes. 

  • Put eye tweezers, nail clippers and files, brow brushes, etc. in the same compartment or box. 
  • In the small to Include makeup staples in your kit, such as oil-free moisturizer and makeup remover, lip balm, baby wipes and petroleum jelly.
  • As your knowledge of makeup application grows, add tools and extras that you find useful, like a pencil sharpener, body glitter, an eyelash curler and false eyelashes.medium size slots.
  • Makeup kits are useful so much so that all the women in world should possess it. No matter what kind of or how big makeup kit you buy, make sure you store the important things inside it and don’t use it as a dustbin.
  • Make sure that your makeup kit has a mirror attached to it. Without mirror the makeup box will be a useless box. In case the makeup kit doesn't have a mirror, you can place a compact mirror inside it.

Keep all your makeup products in proper places and store all the brushes in one place. Any lip or brow pencil should fit nicely into certain slots.

Pack the extras like eye make-up remover and hand cream. Even Dove facial cloths or small travel soaps can be added. It is all up to the individual. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the commonly used items are easy to access.

Pack nail polish and remover in your daily kit if you do daily or frequent touch ups. Otherwise, put it in a nail kit and store elsewhere.

Neutral and complimentary colors that can be used everyday should be put in your everyday pile. More exotic and dramatic colors can be added to your special occasion collection.


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