Summer Fashion Trends!

Many summer wear attires like Capris, skirts, shorts, sleeveless tops, tank tops are the best bet for summer wear. They are comfortable and allow air movement avoiding skin rashes which are prevalent in summer heat. Here are few suggestions from our fashion experts contributed by one of our readers. 

Shirt Dress: Any teen would look really comfy and cool in a shirtdress. A shirtdress is designed to look like a shirt but is longer in length and often has a belt to match. Shirtdresses can be combined with slim fitting pants and heels for a casual look. For the evening out, it can be worn with leggings or it can be teamed with knee-high boots to get a very chic look.


Shorts: If you are amongst those, who think summers are incomplete without shorts - well, Shorts are essential summer classics for your wardrobe, no matter how old you are. Shorts look sporty and teaming them up with the right tee shirt and right shoes, is sure to draw a lot of male attention! If you are in your teenage or in early 20's, you can opt for sporty tee shirts to wear on your shorts. There are many variations found even in shorts like - board shorts, booty shorts, cuffed-leg shorts, capri shorts etc. Choose wisely by trying each one out. Not all shorts are best suited for all figures. For women who are slightly older than early 20's, choosing the right top is also important.

A summer event in the morning is the perfect time to bring out those bold prints, bright colors, short hemlines, and deep necks.

Casual wear includes clothes like jeans, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, jump-suits, jackets etc. Jeans is the main highlighting factor without which a casual dress is incomplete. We wear our jeans to college, to buy grocery, shopping, hanging out with friends etc. so always choose jeans which is comfortable and which flatters your body shape. Heavy weight people should select a dark blue jean because this color will make you look slim. One should buy a fitted jean so that it aligns your figure beautifully; avoid wearing loose jean as it will make you look bulkier and oversize.

You can team up jeans with some stylish casual t-shirts. There are many types of t-shirts available in the market today according to the body type, height and weight. You should select t-shirts which enhances your upper body and which goes perfectly with your jean. Always pair up t-shirts according to the color of your jean, never wear a dark color t-shirt on a dark color jean.

One can add some personal touches to casual wear by wearing some accessories like large earings, bright rings, belts and scarves. All these elements can make your outfit look attractive and interesting. Jacket is another accessory which can highlight your outfit.

The main reason for people choosing casual wear on traditional wear is because it gives a feeling of comfort. With availability of style in casual wear, this has become a style statement amongst young people.


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