Diet for all Lifestyles! Bid Goodbye to Bulge

Our bodies are almost 70 percent water, so you need to drink plenty, especially when the weather is warm or you're feeling hot. Make carrying a bottle of water a habit, and you'll find yourself drinking more. A totally fat-free diet would not be healthy, so banning fat is bad. However, some forms of fat are better for you than others. Do watch what you are eating.

Reducing your intake of highly refined sugar can help you control your weight. Cut down slowly, and you probably won't notice the difference.

If you drink, remember that alcohol is packed with calories and won't help you lose weight. Drinking too much can also damage your health. Think before you drink.

A good breakfast literally sets you up for the day. Skipping breakfast is an invitation to start snacking.

If you mainly eat meat, or perhaps choose not to eat certain types of food, make sure you're getting everything you need from your diet.

Many processed foods are low in fiber. If time commits you to convenience foods, try topping up with high-fiber snacks.

Eat when you're hungry, not just because it's lunchtime. Many people prefer to eat several small meals rather than three big ones. 

Fruit, raw vegetables and nuts make great snacks. They're more satisfying than cookies and usually cheaper, too.

Every few months a new fad diet comes along. Rely instead on common sense and your own instincts.


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