Party Make up Tips

Party Makeup Basic Guidelines

Start Right- choose your dress, footwear and accessories the day before and co-ordinate your look for the big occasion in advance. This will help you get an idea about how you will look

Do your Hair Differently. If you’ve always pulled it back in a bun or braid, rinse it well and condition your crowning glory so you can leave it loose. Try securing fresh flowers, a bejeweled hair slide or parting it differently for a fresh, new look.

Ensure your nails are well manicured and neat. If dazzling nail color is not your style, you can opt for a French manicure or clear nail varnish to show off fashionably shaped talons. Temporary nail art stickers are inexpensive and trendy ways to make a style statement and are a great party makeup option.

Fake eyelashes are great when party makeup is being talked about. A double dose of mascara can make up for the lack of these when primped by an eyelash curler and are a mystically marvelous way to make heads turn!

If eyes are downplayed, then lips can be highlighted for balancing out the tone of party makeup. Applying foundation on the lips, waiting a minute or two and then applying your favorite lip color is the way to go.

Tips for Unique Makeup Colors

Cover prominent veins on your eyelids with a primer and a matte eyeshadow in a color that's as close as your natural skin tone as possible (such as beige). Go over the blending (beige) shadow with a lighter shade of blue, green, or other festive color. Concentrate darker shades in the crease of your eyelids and/or on the outer corners of your lids to make your eyes pop!

Apply a very light shimmery blush on cheeks. Don't be afraid to try slightly brighter shades of pink and peach colors, then blend, blend, blend!

Line lips with a matching lip color and fill in with your favorite lip colors. Try blending two shades for your own unique colors.

Lightly powder your face for a finished look. Brush over your face with a makeup brush to remove excess powders and give you a warm, fresh look.

If you're going to a 'formal event', play up your makeup a bit more! Apply more shimmer or go deeper shades of red lipstick. Always remember not to overdo though, even at a formal event. Too much makeup always looks worse than too little!


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