Stay Fit and Healthy

Diet and Exercise - one needs to follow this combination to stay healthy and fit. Doctors advise you to drink lots of water, stay off coffee and tea. Though coffee and tea in moderation does not harm much, doctors suggest an alternate of coconut water or lemonade.  Stay vegan or go for white and lean meat. 

Develop a healthy eating habit and live more on fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and food rich in fiber, shoots, seeds and cereals and avoid oily food.

Increase your protein intake and also have more of carbohydrate in your diet.

Beverages like tea, coffee and fizzy drinks must be avoided. Even if you drink tea or coffee try to avoid the consumption of sugar.

Exercise regularly.

Go for morning walks, jogging, cycling or climb stairs to stay active. It keeps you fit and decreases stress and anxiety.

Regular health checkups will warn you timely about health complications.

Women health care in most cases takes a back seat because of the multitude tasks she has to undertake. Health care for women means extra nutrition and care especially when they cross the age of 30.

Sleep for 8 hours to stay fresh the next day. These are the health tips which should be followed by women to stay healthy.


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