Basic Skin Care Tips

Its extremely important for all women to follow a daily routine for a acne-free skin. If you want to have a wrinkle free nourished skin please follow the instructions mentioned below- 

Never sleep in your makeup:-Every night before bed, make it a point to thoroughly but gently remove all traces of makeup from your face and neck. Use a gentle cleanser.

Apply eyeliner according to eye shape. As we are working on limited time, concentrate on the outer corners. Less chance of a messy application.

Apply a pinky-brown color to your lips.

Coconut based hair oils form a protective barrier and prevents the loss of vital protein and keeps the hair strong.

Hair which has been oiled before wash show less pick up of pollutant particles as compared to untreated hair. Oiling ensures that cuticles are well aligned & hence less dirt pick up.

Keep it Clean! The number one rule of maintaining healthy looking and flawless skin is to keep your hands off it. Your hands and fingertips are crawling with bacteria. You don't want this on your face and seeping into your pores. This is the number one way breakouts occur! Try to keep as much away from your face as possible and always remember to wash off your makeup at the end of each day.

Use Cool Water. Many of us have long been taught that drying out your skin is the best way to control acne. We have news! It's not. Drying out your skin will cause it to produce more oil to gain back its 'protective layer'. Washing your face with a mild gel, such as Cetaphil or Spectrojel, and rinsing with cool-lukewarm water will keep your skin clean and clear without drying it out.

Natural makeup is a catch-all term for products made with a high percentage of all-natural ingredients and a very small to non-existent amount of synthetics. They're also usually made with a base of water instead of oil so they are a great option if you are prone to breakouts or have acne.

It's impossible to shrink the actual size of your pores, there are ways to minimize their appearance. Start by reducing the amount of oil on your skin, which can clog up your pores and make them look bigger. Wash your face twice a day with an exfoliating cleanser that contains ingredients like salicylic acid to slough away the gunk in your pores. Follow that up with an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer . Once a week, use an at-home microdermabrasion or chemical peel kit to remove dead skin cells so your skin looks smoother and your pores are less noticeable.

Science and Medicine. The main thing women use to achieve the baby-face complexion is diet. Acne which can be caused by hormonal changes, or oily food diet can be controlled by diet and exercise.

Homeopathy and home-remedies are also used to control acne and have a clear radiant skin. 

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