General Safety Tips for Women

Nowadays women should know how to avoid the dangerous situations outside their home. Women should be prepared to defend themselves if they are caught in some dangerous situation or targeted in an act of violence. Women should know that most of the violence acts starts after verbal communication.

So, what should women to do?

Women should learn some techniques of self defense!!

Nowadays we have several institute or any foundations of self defense program offering courses to women.

We are the easy targets now!

There are many general tips from which you can protect yourself. Here, I am sharing some tips which help you to stay safe and secure.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. It is the first step of your defense.
  • If you see some problem in your way, you must change your route or cross road and be prepared to defend yourself.
  • Do not wear gaudy clothes or jewelry when you are walking alone on roads.
  • Do not look scared or afraid. Be confident instead of acting like an easy target.
  • Try to carry personal protection gadgets with you all the time.
  • Do not use iPods while walking; it will reduce your awareness.
  • Learn some self defense techniques.
  • Try not to go alone at dangerous places.
  • Use sixth sense and try to trust this power.
  • Avoid travelling alone in taxes or auto-rickshaws. Travel in public transports which are usually crowded.
  • In buses, sit behind the driver or next to the door or emergency exit.
  • Be alert in parking lots especially when it’s dark.
  • Never open your doors at home if you are not expecting anyone.

Women should not depend always on their husbands or boyfriends to protect them all the time.

Follow these general tips to improve your personal security on streets and your home. It will help you to stay safe and protected.


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