How to evaluate your daughter’s date

This is the day parent’s dread, but it comes anyway. Your daughter is old enough to date! There will be weeks till you come to terms with the boyfriends, breaking curfew hours, pacing the floor, sleepless nights. Now you need to handle the situation well. We don’t want a parent who freaks out and orders his teenage daughter under house arrest.

How you handle this situation is very important. As this will underline the relationship you share with your daughter. First and foremost you should communicate positively with your daughter. Talk to her about rules, life and sex. It’s best to have an open dialogue in the beginning.

Second step is to meet the boyfriend. Here are few tips on how to evaluate your daughter’s date without sounding like a spy.As said earlier, you need to meet the boy first to evaluate him as a person. You can either ask your daughter about the boy she is dating. Now don’t go all arms blazing. You need to handle this conversation as an adult. This is not a cop movie where you play good cop bad cop. Just spend some time with your daughter, go out for dinner or walk and talk it over with her. It’s imperative that you are open and honest about this relationship, and she can trust you. If you come too hard on her, she can rebel or hide information.

Best way to size up your daughter’s boyfriend is to get him alone and talking. You don’t need to act tough and all macho. I think its best left in movies. To evaluate the boyfriend, get him talking about his life, parents, personal life and intentions. Let him open up first, and then you can lay some ground rules.

Now we are not telling you to turn this into a spy movie, but it’s important to do a recon on social networking sites he is active on.

Another way you can evaluate your teen’s boyfriend is to ask her friends. Daughters may not be so forthcoming to the mothers, but they usually are quick thick with friends. You can be casual in your questioning and avoid pointed questions. Try to get as much stories on him as possible. His earlier girlfriends (if any), his hang outs, is he into drinking or drugs? We are not trying to scare you, or distrust you, but your daughter’s security should be upper most in your mind.


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