Women Taking The E-commerce Route

Women taking the E-Commerce Route
The world of e-commerce is always buzzing. Thought not the easiest or quickest route to start-up but it has definitely become so popular that you have every big brand launching its products on e-commerce platform. Everyone wants to tap into the multi-billion market that India presents. With both partners working and not much time to go shopping [...]

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Women Entrepreneurs In India

Women Entrepreneurs in India
We as Indians lag far behind the developed nations when it comes to equality of gender or creating a healthy environment for women entrepreneurship. According to the Gender-GEDI female entrepreneurship index announced at Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network annual event on June 4, India despite its economic development came in 16th. India trai [...]

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Things To Do Before Starting Your Own Business

Things to do before starting your own business
Women entrepreneurs are gaining momentum in India .I started my small business this year. I had an option to join my husband in his digital advertising business but I preferred the independence of running my own show. I share my experience here, with you all who want to venture out on their own. Set your objectives – there can be many [...]

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