Five things you think are Sexy that he hates!

Romantic Books and movies make us believe in unrealistic sexual fantasies. Kissing in the rain isn’t sexy; water goes in your nose and mouth not to mention the cold. Kissing underwater isn’t fun either; you get chlorine up your nose. And shower sex? C’mon guys, it just makes you chafe. Imagining these sexy moments may seem fun but they always lead down the road to disappointment. Let’s take a look at five things that you may think are sexy but guys just see as annoying.

Joining him is his weekday morning shower- You may be thinking of sending him off to the office with images of your sexy self in the shower not realising that this is ‘his time’ of the day. Leave him alone.

Playing hard to get- Teasing is fun and when you first meet someone it’s definitely a good idea to play hard to get and make him chase you. Once you’ve committed to each other don’t torture the poor guy. A better way to tease is to send sexy texts while he’s at work. Letting him know you’ll be ready and waiting for him once he comes home.

Buying Expensive Lingerie - Hate to break it to you ladies but most guys out there just want to see you in under things. So save your money and just pick up a pair or cheeky shorts.

Reading to each other from erotic novels- Men are stimulated by imagery. They want free porn, not Fifty Shades of Grey. Save the erotic for yourself. Honestly girls, the thing that is going to turn your man on more than anything is knowing that you care and pay attention to his needs.

Cook him his favourite meal- Cooking is the fastest way to your man’s heart. Your mom has always said it. I am saying it’s true too. Cook him his favourites. Grilled Chicken? Look up recipes online and go for it. Surprise him tonight. Check for aphrodisiac foods.


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