Single Mom’s – Parenting Advise

Single parents and their kids can flourish, and there are plenty of examples to prove it. If you are looking for role models, you need to make a list of single parents—or children raised by a single parent—who inspire you. There are several examples of successful people doing exceptionally well in their careers. President Obama, Ex-President of USA Clinton was raised by single mom and grandparent.

You can be inspired by the Ex Ms Universe Ms. Sushmita Sen who adopted a girl child and became a single mom. All these success stories prove that single parenthood is no only manageable but is an incredible gift to shape your child’s future.

For a single parent, with kids still young; time management is very important. You need to find a work schedule which doesn’t disrupt your family. I had a full time job in a top multinational company but my long hours would not match up with day care’s pick up. So I had to make a choice of working part time from home. Luckily my boss understood enough and allowed me the convenience of working from home. My advice to all single parents, especially mothers is to go ahead and express your needs to employers. Reveal you are a single parenthood to your employers. You can also check out the best companies for working mothers to target your job search to companies with family-friendly benefits.
Single parenting doesn’t imply any social life. If you are planning to get back into the dating circle, or have plan to go for a girl’s night you will have to arrange for a child care or baby sitter. Single Motherhood is hard work and you deserve some time off once in a while.


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