Farewell Parties- How to make a style statement

Graduating high school or college chances are you have many a graduation parties to attend in future.  Lets not forget the farewell parties or the get together held during the day or in the evening.
These parties will be remembered once you are all grown up and with kids of your own. Here are few ideas from our fashion analyst.

Since you have graduated and are not a teen now, you need to give serious thought to your wardrobe. Focus on dresses which are midi- length skirts. High heels and accessories like sunglasses and watch. Exchange your tote bag for a clutch.  Even if you're feeling constrained, you can still let your personal style show through with out-there colors and prints!
Here are our few inputs on how to dress up for your graduation party.

First foremost-


Dress - A breezy frock is best option, with contrasting sleeves. Mix breathable fabrics or light colored leather, and playful pumps with polished staples for a fresh look.


Skirt - You could also go the skirt route, opting for a perfect-for-summer midi length.



An embellished tee looks too cool with a girly skirt—plus it's totally outdoor party-appropriate.

If you're to wear shorts, we recommend going for a fancy pair. Silk is far preferable to denim for a party!

Go for a short blouse of course. Teem it with your skirt or shorts.

A standout pair of heels can give you an added bit of height and style. Go for thick heel if there is a lawn party.

Go for peep toe flats. Crazy colors will do wonders.

You don’t need to carry too much, so clutch which will hold up your lipstick is good enough.



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