Foods that harm your Sexual Drive

Girls did you ever think there can be any food that harms your sexual drive? Well, just like there are foods that enhance your libido and act as aphrodisiacs, there are some that have the exact opposite effect on your sex life. Here’s what you should stay away from-


Yes its cheese. With all the wine and cheese parties and sexual innuendos associated with this food, it would be hard to believe that cheese can actually bring your libido down. Cheese is usually made of processed cow milk and a lot of antibiotics are added to it. Some cheeses also contain natural and added growth hormones which act as toxins in the body. Over consumption of ‘Cheese’ can cause release of bad estrogen, which slowly causes a decline in your sexual drive.

 Aerated drinks

We celebrate with Champagne especially on anniversaries or festival occasions. Couples do not realize that aerated drinks have negative consequences. It causes oral degeneration, cavities, weight gain and diabetes. It also leads to slow and steady decline of sexual drive.

Artificial sweeteners

The alcohols released by artificial sweeteners in our body can cause a slowing of the release of serotonin a brain chemical. Serotonin is the mood regulating hormone which is responsible for keeping us happy. Without an abundant supply of serotonin, your moods will be passive and depressed and you will lose your libido. The less serotonin in your brain, the less interested you will be in any pleasure inducing activity.

 Processed and preserved foods

Processed foods, especially canned food often contains substandard ingredients and lots of food preservatives. Canning is a preservation process in which a lot of sodium is added to the foods. This high sodium interferes with normal blood circulation, which in turn may decrease the blood flow towards your sexual organs. This results in a loss of sexual appetite and poor libido.


Oily Crisps

Oily chips often have lot of rancid oil which causes oxidative damage to your body cells. Crisps heated at destructive temperatures not only have zero nutrition value but are very bad for your health. The oxidative damage this food causes to you can slow down the release of sexual hormones causing harm to your sexual drive.


MSG or Monosodium Glutamate

MSG is a food additive used to add a flavor to the food. While MSG is good for enhancing flavors in some dishes it has several potentially undesirable health effects. Consumption of excessive MSG causes depression and cardiovascular problems. Poor health and depression are two of the biggest contributors to poor libido.



The saying ‘lot can happen over coffee’ is just that, A saying. Coffee does stimulate you but causes harm to your adrenal glands. Caffeine slows the hormonal production in your adrenal glands causing a serious decline in your libido.

So stay away from the foods mentioned and enjoy your sex life. 

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