Is the age of Nail Art Passé?

Nail Art got popular in the year on the fashion scene when we found special nail art parlors crop up in various parts of the world. It gained popularity slowly and steadily and we saw many young fashionable girls going for this special form of art.

It became a fashion statement especially in colleges and we had young college students sporting several motifs.


The entire process of nail art starts with manicure followed by Shaping and cleaning your nails, trimming your cuticles and de-tanning your hands and arms. The base color can be a plain blue, pastels or red. The colors used are mostly in contrast to create the 3D effect. So the nail artist usually starts with painting the nails with the color of your choice. Every finger can have a different motif to suit your personality.


Many girls prefer flowers or abstract lines to give them the fashion edge.


If your nails are long enough to cover the design gracefully then you just need filing to shape it. You can proceed with the colors and design once you have made up your mind of the motif.

However, if your nails are cut short and appear to be weak, acrylic nails (artificial) can be properly pasted over the nails and design can be painted over them. The acrylic nails are available in most of the cosmetic shops in India.

Girls with artistic bent can try this at home too. Before painting a design its essential to gather paint brushes of different size. Please buy a thick Brush  to coat the base of your nail and a thin brush for designing. You can use a toothpick too to create vertical patterns or checked cage on your nails. Even polka dots are in vogue now.

If you are going festive you can apply glitter too. Small gems are available in cosmetic shops and can be glued on your nails… improvise and send us your designs.

Has the time changed or have the trends?

Time surely has changed and nail art is the next big thing. Started mostly in south Asia, nail art has become a way for young girls to add more colors in their overall look. The early days we saw various flower motifs used by nail artists. Now we have dots, horizontal lines, even your country flag, animal shapes….

Today, this art has grown intense in its expression and designs are created while considering finger nail as a canvas over which creativity can be displayed.




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