Add Funk to your Hair

Like so many funky trends that have started, this one seems to have become the most popular among the youngsters. You can funk up your style quotient with dip dye…


There are things to decide before you go ahead and dip dye your tresses- do you want a permanent color?  Temporary color? Natural color? Fun color to go with your personality? Or many colors suiting your various moods?

These questions become more important when we take your current hair color into consideration. For instance, if you have black hair, your dipping choices are going to be more limited (or muted) if you don’t want to go a little more permanent. By permanent we mean bleaching the area you’ll be dipping so it takes the color you want to apply more naturally. This doesn’t mean you can’t go purple or pink. But if you want pink or purple then you’ll get the truest shade on your hair.

The options for actual dye are plenty- you can use regular, permanent hair dye in shocking or muted colors. Temporary colors that follow your dress maybe. On the other hand, if you have a darker shade of hair and want to dip the ends in a color, say dark brown or black into a red dye, you could end up with a lovely mahogany at the ends of your hair that will look quite natural, but give you a bit of pizzazz that you aren’t used to. Just a spice up your look by using funky colors.

You can get the dip dye look without doing anything to your hair at all. There are wig companies that specialize in dip dye extensions. You can test the look (or many!) without the worry of doing any potential permanent change or damage to your real tresses.

With the dip dye method, the sky really is the limit.


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