Maintaining Old Ties post Divorce

In a traditional Indian setting, a bride not only marries her groom, but his entire family. The daughter-in-law of the house is expected to maintain ties with every member of both families. Even her children tend to perceive relationships and ties based on how the parents nurture them.

Single mothers face a unique challenge of maintaining relationships with both families and without the impending support of a husband or a life partner. Not only is it important for a single mother to be cordial with her parents, siblings, in-laws and other family members for the sake of her children who need to be involved in a family environment for the benefit of their upbringing and nurturing; but also so that she is able to maintain ties with people who can play a supportive role in her life.

No matter how good a parent you are, eventually there are certain lessons in life that can only be taught by grandparents. aims to enlighten single mothers about the importance of family ties and the important role in plays in the life of your children.

Overcoming the Emotional Turmoil aims to be your guide in this challenging situation by helping you through the emotional debate on how to best maintain relationships. We understand the tryst of a new widow or divorcee and the emotional turmoil one can go through over family members and dealing with them.

With everyone bombarding a single mother with unsolicited advice, intends to fill the gap by connecting you to other single mothers with similar experiences. We encourage you to make your apprehensions your strength and leveraging the advantages of being a loving member of a family for the benefit of your emotional growth and for the benefit of your children.




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