Teaching your Child about Strangers

We are responsible for our child's safety. Since we cannot watch over our children 24/7 it is imprerative that we tell them to follow few precautions. We are not suggesting that you teach your child to distrust everyone. Our advice is to teach your children some basic tips on how to stay safe and who to trust. It is very important for parents especially mothers to teach kids about strangers, the good and bad touch, bullying. Communication is very important with your child.

We read stories on kidnapping and paedophiles everyday. Lets prevent and not wait!! 

Make sure your child understands the concept of kidnapping, and that she stays away from strangers. Your child should never accept sweets or anything to eat from a stranger.

If you are running into a shop leaving your child in the car, even if there is a chauffeur you should tell your child to be careful. Make sure all doors are locked and the windows are rolled up.

If your child is home alone, she should never answer the door, even to someone she knows. She shouldn't bother to even see who is at the door, so take your key with you.

If you child answers the phone and someone asks who is at home, your child should never say that they are alone. She should, instead, say you are in the bathroom, and should take a message.

Your children should never be given the liberty of walking out of the house without taking your permission and telling you exactly where they are. If they are going to a new friends place, accompany them the first time.

If they ever get separated from you at a store, they should just go to the nearest cashier and wait there.

If anyone tries to drag you child into an alleyway or into a car, she should scream.

If a car pulls up alongside your child and she does not know the driver, she should move away from the car.

Enroll your children in a judo or karate class.



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