Maa-Beti Relationship

Communication is the best way to understand each other. It is one of the most necessary and important tips. Try to communicate with your daughter as much as you can. Discuss everything with her and try to know what is going on in her mind.

One abusive word can make your daughter angry or depressed. Do not use wrong words and try to be polite. Correct use of words at the correct place and time is very important while as it can solve many problems.

When your daughter makes a mistake, try to make her understand what her mistake was and tell her not to repeat it. If you will shout and scold her at her very first mistake then neither will she understand nor will she be afraid to do it the next time.

Your daughter wants you to value her suggestions and her opinions. To fulfill this, you need to listen to her. If you think her opinions and suggestions are not good enough and you do not want to implement them, then at least listen to her completely. Then give her the right option and convince her to do the right thing.

Although I have appealed you to be her friend still, you need to be strict sometimes. Try to make her understand the importance of discipline. This does not mean that you should not give her any kind of freedom. The thing is, give her freedom but be strict where necessary.

Listen to each other without criticism. Your daughter should feel free to express her thoughts and feelings, even if they're different from yours. Respecting your daughter will teach her to respect herself, and she'll respect you because of that.

Compliment your daughter. You frequently think positive thoughts about her, and you should share those with her. This helps build her self esteem, no matter how old she is.

Arguments between mother and daughter can be stressful, and can last fore a long time.

Theirs relationship should be very open to each other so that they then share everything with each other.

Either way, talking and spending more time with each other will improve and strengthen any relationship whether it be mother and daughter. Communication and interaction will talk your relationship to the next level.


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